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Mac vs. PC: Which Works Best for Your Office?

Mac vs. PC: Which Works Best for Your Office?

Photo: Johan Larsson/Flickr (CC)

Steve Berman | Inside Tech

April 14, 2010

It says a lot about our society that one of the most contentious pop culture debates is between buying a Mac or a PC. Not between which sugary cola is the best, or if a light beer has “great taste” or is “less filling,” but what computer one should work, play, and — in some cases — live on.

Not that this modern-day computing debate is any less subjective or image-based than those taste tests of yesteryear. The image of Mac users as young, hip, urban types who, when they aren’t busy designing virtual art for some stylish startup in San Francisco, spend their spend time on their Mac designing artistic viral videos backed by the hot indie rock song of the moment, is fairly ridiculous.

Also silly is the idea of PC users as pocket-protector wearing hermits who consider anything besides formatting spreadsheets a frivolous waste of time.

However, if you’re getting ready to spend a sizable chunk of money on a computer, trite marketing ploys shouldn’t mean a lot. What’s important is getting the most bang for the buck, and finding the machine that simply works the way it should the majority of the time.

To get technical a Mac is a computer built by Apple with the Mac operating system, while PCs are personal computers with Windows as the operating system (Windows can be installed on Macs, but at an extra cost).

As a user of both types of machines (disclosure: I use a Mac at work and a Compaq laptop at home), I’m going to focus on how Macs and PCs fare both in terms of cost and functionality. Hopefully this basic rundown will clear things up a little, and perhaps even spur conversation in the comments regarding what works best for you and/or your team.

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