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The UX Design Process for the Boxee Beta

The UX Design Process for the Boxee Beta

Whitney Hess

December 06, 2010

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Ars Technica 1/13/2010 “The program’s user interface has undergone a significant transformation that simplifies navigation and makes Internet content easier to access.”

TechCrunch 1/07/2010 “The new version is really a complete overhaul of the app — it’s received a new, sexier UI that makes it easier to browse through the service’s content (and anything you might have saved locally too).”

Mashable 1/07/2010 “The UI overhaul is significantly better…”

Wired 12/31/2009 “Yes, there are many methods for putting web video on your TV, but Boxee is the most elegant solution I’ve seen. For the beta release, the whole user experience has undergone a slick redesign.”

CNET News 12/09/2009 “…new beta has a completely redone interface that is far superior to the alpha’s.”

Lifehacker 12/07/2009 “From the outset, it looks a whole lot more pretty and user friendly.”

Gizmodo 12/07/2009 “What looked impressive during the demo was how cleanly it aggregated both local and online sources of video content.”

Engadget 12/07/2009 “We’re particularly fond of the new global menu for quick shuffling through the menu and to shortcuts.”

What Do You Think?

If you’re a Boxee user, I would love to hear your thoughts on the beta. Praise, criticisms, and questions are all welcome.

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