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The IT People Behind the Winter Olympics

Jose Fermoso

September 30, 2010

8. The 2010 Olympics Venue Energy Tracker Web Site — Beverly Van Ruyven and David Halliwell

The Olympic Games will be the first major sporting event that tracks full energy usage at most of its buildings. This is due to the work of Pulse Energy CEO David Halliwell and acting BC Hydro president and CEO Beverly Van Ruyven.

Pulse Energy (a web-based energy management software firm), energy utility BC Hydro, and the Vancouver Olympic Committee got together years ago to figure out how to save money and enforce the community’s growing message of a greener business future. They ended up creating a real-time energy usage site ( that will be the envy of every green-business-wannabe and save the hosts a ton of money.

How does it work? Pulse Energy’s monitoring software displays real-time data on how much energy is being used and how much it is saving in comparison to other venues and directly assesses problematic-but-fixable energy leaks. Among the data it tracks are venue and application electricity, greenhouse emissions and natural gas, and even hot water meters.

While the Olympics buildings are already good energy savers in relation to others in the city because they were built using strict green standards, the extra monitoring will maximize energy use and avoid waste. It might also force event managers to turn off unnecessary equipment. Pulse Energy has said its software, apart from that used in this project, can shave up to 25% off energy usage a year. Over the course of the Olympics, the group estimates the monitoring system will save 18 gigawatt hours — enough to power 1,600 regular family homes for one year.

But the coolest thing about this is that everyone around the world will be able to check the energy savings from home by visiting

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