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15 Things You'll Love About Windows 7

15 Things You'll Love About Windows 7

Eric Dahl / Inside Tech

January 19, 2009

(and Five You’ll Hate)

Microsoft has a lot riding on Windows 7. Vista failed to give Windows users a reason to upgrade from XP, and justified or not, it quickly gained a reputation for being slow, overly complicated, and annoying to work with. Judging by the response to the public beta of Windows 7, lots of Windows fans are more than ready for an OS that delivers what Vista promised and more.

So is Windows 7 that OS? I installed a copy of the public beta on my home machine – a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo machine with 4GB of RAM, a GeForce 7950GT, and a Seagate 1.5TB hard drive. Once I’d burned a copy of the 3.15GB ISO file, I grabbed an old SATA drive and performed a clean install of the beta.

What I found was by far the most stable beta OS I’ve ever tested. Windows 7 is an impressively polished, if not particularly ambitious piece of work. Having lived with the OS for a little while now, I can tell you that Windows 7 definitely offers a few things to get excited about.

I’ve picked out 15 new features I think you’ll like as well as five that you probably won’t. Read on to check them out, or head over to the new Windows 7 Beta gallery for lots of screens from the installation process.

15 Things You’ll Like About Windows 7

Five Things You’ll Hate

Windows 7 Beta Screens

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