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10 Steps to the Perfect Smartphone

10 Steps to the Perfect Smartphone

Eric Dahl / InsideTech

January 26, 2010

3. Learn Your Contract Rights

Watch out for all the standard cell phone gotchas here. Roaming charges, above-plan minutes, and additional text or picture messages can all inflate your phone bill if you aren’t careful. Its never a good idea to pay for lots of minutes you aren’t using, but if it seems like you’re always running out, you may want to invest in an unlimited plan.

Beyond that, pay attention to the terms around the beginning and end of your contract. Find out if there’s a grace period where you can try out a phone and still return it without paying a cancellation fee. In California, you’re allowed to cancel wireless service within 30 days of signing your contract without incurring any fees. Find out how much it costs if you want to cancel a contract early but outside of that window, and consider taking less of a discount when buying your phone if you’d prefer a shorter contract length.

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