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50 Books Every Geek Should Read

50 Books Every Geek Should Read

Eric Dahl / InsideTech

January 12, 2010

Sci-Fi Classics


“Snow Crash,” Neal Stephenson
Here’s all you really need to know about Snow Crash: First, it’s awesome. You can’t argue with a sci-fi world where the Mafia runs the world’s greatest pizza delivery operation, and delivery men drive heavily armored vehicles to ensure that they make good on Uncle Enzo’s guarantee to the customer. You just can’t. No. Stop. Seriously. Don’t even try.

Second, it invented the term “metaverse.” SecondLife, the Metaverse Roadmap Conference… really pretty much everything about the 3D web wouldn’t be the same without Snow Crash.


“Neuromancer,” William Gibson
What Snow Crash was to 3D worlds, Neuromancer was to Cyberspace. In fact, the terms cyberpunk, cyberspace, jacking in, etc. are all straight out of Neuromancer.


“I, Robot,” Isaac Asimov
1. A robot may not harm a human or through inaction allow a human being to come to harm.
2. A robot must obey all orders given to it by humans, except where this would conflict with the first law.
3. A robot must preserve itself, except where this would conflict with the first or second law.

Asimov invented both the three laws and the word “robotics,” and “I, Robot” was one of the first stories to make serious use of both of them. Sadly, the fourth law: “A robot must not allow Will Smith to appear in a movie about it (and screw the first three laws if they get in the way)” was cut by Asimov’s editor.

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