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50 Books Every Geek Should Read

50 Books Every Geek Should Read

Eric Dahl / InsideTech

January 12, 2010

Tech Philosophy


“Cathedral and the Bazaar,” Eric S. Raymond
Raymond coined Linus’s Law: “Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow” in this essay on open-source development approaches. It’s one of the most persuasive arguments for the public open-source coding style used by the Linux kernel project, and one of the reasons many collaborative development efforts use a similar, bazaar-type approach.


“The Long Tail,” Chris Anderson
Wired editor Chris Anderson looked at Amazon sales and Neftflix rentals and saw the future of media: Big hits remain important, but there’s more money than ever to be made from niche titles – books, music, movies, etc. discovered and purchased by a select few.


“The Future of Ideas,” Lawrence Lessig
How should copyright change, or should it disappear entirely if we’re to get the maximum benefit out of our net-connected lives? Law professor Lawrence Lessig (not quite the Bob Loblaw of our times) looks at the history of copyright and argues that much more intellectual property should end up in the commons.


“On Intelligence,” Jeff Hawkins
Palm founder Jeff Hawkins explores thought, AI, and why the way we develop computers today won’t lead us to AI that works.

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