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    Why Nokia and Microsoft Can Challenge Apple and Beat Google

    Why Nokia and Microsoft Can Challenge Apple and Beat Google
    Nokia and Microsoft announced a strategic alliance that could define the futures of both firms. They had no choice because, right now, Apple is the company for both to beat. It isn’t Google with its Android offering, and you can confirm this by looking at the drama at Verizon and how T-Mobile positions itself against AT&T and Verizon. Revisiting the Unbeatable ...
    Published about 8 years ago | Rate This
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    What Not to Say to an IT Worker

    Photo: Lachlan Hardy/Flickr (CC) You need to know how to deal with different types of people in order to get along. Some are especially sensitive to certain things, like the conflict resolution rep that hates to hears insults around the office, even when they're said in jest. IT workers like us are no different. We take our geekiness seriously and ...
    Published over 9 years ago | Rated: +6
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    U.S. Cities Poised for Growth

    Some cities are showing signs the recession is nearing its end. They're not only keeping jobs and putting up (relatively) low foreclosure numbers, they're also setting up future growth with smart investments. To come up with a definitive list of the top cities that are ready to grow over the next few months, we’ve looked at some of the top ...
    Published almost 9 years ago | Rated: -7
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    An Important Message from the Editor of InsideTech

    An Important Message from the Editor of InsideTech
    In today's uncertain economic times, you - like many others - are probably focusing on saving more and spending less. You may be anxious about your job security, salary and employment opportunities. Over the years, I've found the best way to combat stress is to put together a plan and stick to it. Here at InsideTech we are 100% focused on ...
    Published over 10 years ago | Rated: +6
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    Why Macintosh Skills Matter in Tech

    Once viewed as a plaything, the Macintosh is now the PC of choice for many hard-core technology professionals, and Macintosh skills are now an in-demand specialty among IT pros, rather than an afterthought. "The Mac will be coming soon to a company near you, if it hasn't already," says Brian Vaughn, executive vice president of Dataprise, a network support and ...
    Published over 9 years ago | Rated: +1
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