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The Nexus One vs. iPhone vs. Droid Price Comparison

The Nexus One vs. iPhone vs. Droid Price Comparison

Photo: Jeff Chiu/AP Photo

Jose Fermoso | Inside Tech

June 11, 2010

So you’ve read the earlier stories on the Android-based Nexus One phone and you’re thinking about buying it.

The extensive specs inside the beautiful hardware are taking over your mind, like a slow advancing army from the great Gadget Lust Nation (that you know exists).

But before you take out your wallet and give in, you need to let the rush of blood come down. You need to make a logical decision here! That involves analyzing the hard numbers and making the process unemotional. We’ll help you out by noting a few top reasons why the new phone is a good deal and why it’s not, along with an easy-to-read chart by our friends at Bill Shrink.

For the sake of comparison, we’re only taking a look at the top new phones.

Let’s take a look at the chart below and then follow me after the break:

Read all that? Now let’s decipher it a bit.

The difference in overall total cost of ownership between the Nexus One, the iPhone, Droid, and the Palm Pre should be the most obvious financial factor when choosing a phone but it is often overlooked – most people look at the monthly bill. But it’s good to know what you’re getting yourself into for the length of the contract before you plunge into a smart phone (or “Superphone” as Google ridiculously calls the Nexus One).

At a quick glance, all the usage and data plans are expensive. This is especially the case when compared to regular cheapo plans the telecoms offer on their lower-profile phones, where a basic data plan for “normal,” older phones (pre-Android and with lower web and download speeds) might come in under $10.

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