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U.S. Cities Poised for Growth

Jose Fermoso

June 11, 2010

Some cities are showing signs the recession is nearing its end. They’re not only keeping jobs and putting up (relatively) low foreclosure numbers, they’re also setting up future growth with smart investments.

To come up with a definitive list of the top cities that are ready to grow over the next few months, we’ve looked at some of the top lists available by several important growth analysts. They include the Metropolitan Statistical Areas by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Milken Institute/Greenstreet Real Estate Partners, the Brookings Institute, and the U.S. Commerce Department, as well as news reports from U.S. News and Forbes Magazine.

Most of the cities we chose were either directly singled out by positive economic reports or were cities whose profile fit the top growth indicators. Low unemployment index, higher-education graduates, companies with hot technologies, and stable job markets were the most important ones.

Did your city make the list? Click below to find out.

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