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Why Macintosh Skills Matter in Tech

Allan Hoffman/Monster Tech Jobs Expert 

September 01, 2009

Once viewed as a plaything, the Macintosh is now the PC of choice for many hard-core technology professionals, and Macintosh skills are now an in-demand specialty among IT pros, rather than an afterthought.

“The Mac will be coming soon to a company near you, if it hasn’t already,” says Brian Vaughn, executive vice president of Dataprise, a network support and IT solutions provider.

The following factors have played a major role in the Mac’s resurgence in the IT world:

When Apple released OS X, an operating system with Unix underpinnings, the Macintosh “got the attention of hard-core techno-geeks and began gaining mindshare and market share among them,” Vaughn says.

The growth of the Internet and advances in networking technologies have removed some of the obstacles to combining disparate software and hardware, making hybrid computing environments more common.

The popularity of the iPod and iTunes has generated a halo effect around Apple and Apple products, Vaughn says. With more and more people working from home, those with Macs and iPods need tools and support to connect their computers to non-Macintosh systems at the office. “The Macintosh platform has come a long way,” says Dean Shavit, general partner at MOST, a training and consulting company, and open-source editor-at-large for MacTech, a publication catering to Macintosh IT pros. “If you’re a hard-core tech, having an OS X computer is the greatest thing in the world.” You not only have a consumer-friendly operating system, he says, but also “a world of open-source software” and all the possibilities offered by Unix.

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