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Our Favorite Techy Videos of the Year, So Far

Jose Fermoso/

August 24, 2009

The Fall is here and it is cold and nasty. So what’s a better way to stop thinking about it than checking out some of the most interesting tech-related videos of the past few months? Lean back and watch these funny and innovative videos that have recently popped up on this site and others around the web.

If you want us add new videos from around the web to this list, send me a message through my Twitter account at or InsideTech’s at

Let’s go to the web tape!

1. Wii Not Fit                              11. Asimo Update
2. Apple Store Hula                   12. USB Stick Factory
3. Weird Inventions                   13. 8-bit Trip
4. IPhone Subway Bowling       14. Hitler, Twitter, and Cisco.
5. iGun Rampage                      15. MSI Netbook Game
6. Post-It Deadline                     16. Multi-Task Guitar Hero
7. PC Game Gun                       17. Box Human Interface
8. Da Vinci’s Robot Lion            18. Awesome Bouncing Laser
9. Virtual Disasters                    19. Nike Chalkbot
10. Sour’s Water Flavor             20. Tesla Coils Play Zelda Theme

Wii Fit Parody

The brave gamer willing to go to the gym a few days a week does not consider the Wii Fit to be a serious exercise platform. While users have noted that playing the game does improve your balance and provides useful measurements of fitness, it’s still just a fun warm-up game. Others, like the guy narrating this video, are a bit more cynical. His droll commentary will make you think twice about the monetary/time investment needed to play this game. It might even shame you into running a lap.

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