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The Top 20 Perks That Make Jobs Better

The Top 20 Perks That Make Jobs Better

Good Magazine

February 02, 2011

Nothing takes a job from good to great (or terrible to tolerable) like a healthy set of benefits. Here are 20 perks, benefits, and incentives that make some jobs even better.

1. At Google, new parents get more than maternity leave: up to $500 of reimbursements for take-out when their newborn’s needs mean no time for home cooking.

2. Washington-area Microsoft employees can take leisurely rides to work on one of dozens of WiFi-equipped buses.

3. Like profit sharing with clever incentives, Whole Foods’ Gainsharing Program “rewards those factors that team members have most control over, like productivity, scheduling, and customer service.”

4. After every seven years of full-time work at Intel, employees are eligible for eight weeks of fully paid sabbatical.

5. It’s only fitting that at the rugged outfitter Timberland, new dads can get paid paternity leave.

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