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On Work Productivity, Procrastination, and How to Get Off Your Butt

On Work Productivity, Procrastination, and How to Get Off Your Butt


January 06, 2011

Every three months, GOOD releases a quarterly magazine, which examines a given theme through its unique lens. Last, month, GOOD’s Work issue talked about Making Work Better. Below are a few interviews with work experts talking about productivity, procrastination, and how to get off your butt.

Read on and get working, better!

Expert advice from Scott Belsky

Book and website:

Making Ideas Happen: Overcoming the Obstacles Between Vision & Reality;

Personal productivity mantra:

Less ideas, more action.

What three tips can you share to get me off my butt?

1. Overcome reactionary work flow. The constant inflow of "stuff"—email, texts, tweets, IMs—causes us to react rather than be proactive with our energy. Create windows of nonstimulation in your day to be proactive with your energy.

2. Organize with a bias toward action. Enter every meeting and occasion of creativity with an obsession for capturing “action steps” (tasks). When a meeting yields nothing actionable, question its existence. Keep action steps separate from notes.

3. Share ideas liberally. The more people who know your ideas, the more accountable you will be to follow through. Use blogs, networks, and social media to spread ideas, gather feedback, and boost accountability.

Does technology improve or impede productivity?

It helps, so long as you remain in charge of it, rather than it taking charge of you.*

What’s your favorite way to procrastinate?

Surf the Behance Network ( Gallery.

What does being more productive give you time to do?

I get to talk about my book, now that it’s written. Talking about it is a lot more enjoyable than writing.

Sometimes just thinking about productivity stresses people out. Help?

Remember a few things: The more “organic” your process is, the more attracted you will be to the process and the tools you use. Attraction breeds loyalty. So, productivity is the ultimate DIY project. Embrace the challenge and be creative with how you stay organized.

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