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How To Cope With an Unemployed Partner

How To Cope With an Unemployed Partner

Christina Macres | InsideTech

August 18, 2010

Promoting Reminders of Importance

An unemployed person often feels embarrassed about being out of work, even though their joblessness is in no way connected to their personal failure. Remind your significant other that they are a vital part of your life and that you fell in love with a person — not a career.

Oftentimes, it might also help to do this in a less obvious fashion. For example, in addition to telling your partner they’re great, ask them to do you a favor and make them feel valuable. Need an errand run? Something fixed around the house? Just ask! Confidence and self-respect are a vital part of life and, unfortunately, times of continued joblessness can damage these character traits. Preserving your significant other’s sense of worth is a fundamental piece of the job procurement puzzle.

Offering Help

This can come in the form of searching for a job, proofreading a resume, brainstorming good characteristics for a cover letter, or even just keeping the lines of communication open by listening to feelings, concerns and general discontent. Work as a couple to search job listings, network, and build a group of contacts.

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