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10 Overused Phrases Interviewers Hate

Jeff Hindenach | Inside Tech

June 17, 2010

2. “I’m a Total Team Player.”

While being able to work with others is key, phrasing it this way makes it sound clichéd. And it doesn’t just suggest cheerleading imagery — it’s also very vague. Sure, no one wants a recluse for a coworker or employee, but beyond just the baseline ability to be social, what else do you bring to the communication table?

ALTERNATIVES: Talk about your ability to communicate with other members of your office. Cite specific examples of times when it was imperative for you to play well with others. Also touch on certain stellar communication skills that you think you have. Know how to craft the perfect email? Spent a lot of time with clients on the phone? Give the interviewer a fuller picture of your interactive skills and leadership potential.

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