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How to Beat Your Quarterlife Crisis

Adam Starr | Inside Tech

June 11, 2010

Get Organized

You liked being a student because you had clear objectives, a regimented schedule. Wake up. Go to class. Do homework. You were constantly evaluated and, most importantly, you knew whether or not you were succeeding or failing. Without realizing it, you appreciated those tests for keeping you in check and keeping you oriented. Well you don’t get a letter grade anymore, but if you find yourself sleeping in a park anytime soon, consider that an F.


Make a schedule and stick to it.

Get up in the morning. Early.

Exercise. Go to the gym, do yoga, go on runs, walks, or play sports.

Don’t isolate yourself.

Join professional social networks like MonsterCollege. Use Facebook to look for jobs rather than distractions.

Attend networking events.

Join clubs and organizations that interest you.

Apply for jobs in a coffee shop rather than a bedroom.

Research companies that interest you and ask for informational interviews.

Talk to your university’s career counselors.

Join alumni networks and attend meetings.

Constantly evaluate and improve your resume.

Write customized cover letters for every single job.

Take breaks.

Volunteer. If you have to work for free to get experience then do it.

Job-hunting seven days a week without any fun will burn you out. Reward yourself for your hard work. Remember, looking for a job is a job. Relax and recreate as appropriate.


Apply for jobs from the couch while watching TV.

Party like you have seven Saturdays a week.

Pout. It’s indulgent to feel like you are being treated unfairly.

Be angry. Being angry isn’t going to get you anything but a headache.

Feel entitled. Instead of whining about the injustice of those happily employed faceless masses try meeting working people and putting faces to the masses.

Sleep all day. While tempting, this will only make you less productive and less likely to get a job.

Be über picky. You lack experience. The only way you get it is by taking a job or internships and learning new skills.

Be closed minded. If you hold out for that one dream job you will miss opportunities to start heading in the right direction incrementally.

Step 4) Apply your degree to your career

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