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10 Worst IT Job Hunting Mistakes

10 Worst IT Job Hunting Mistakes

What's your worst job hunting mistake?


October 14, 2009

6. Being Too Polished or Over-Prepared

Have you ever blanked out during a class speech, or failed a test you spent all night studying for? Over-preparation is to blame. The same principle applies to job searching as well.

Loosen up and relax. While practice makes perfect, sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to be a little off your game. Preparing too much makes you seem stiff and overly formal, or worse, causes you to blank out during the interview.

Plus, interviewers can tell if you’re too rehearsed or faking it, and that doesn’t help your cause. Don’t be afraid of having answers that aren’t textbook perfect. Be honest and highlight your achievements. The “right” interview answer isn’t necessarily what you think the interviewer wants to hear. Be yourself – a little spunk goes a long way.

7. Sloppy Speech

Do you, um, like, think that maybe, like, you could speak, um, like, professionally?

Speaking properly, when talking to a potential employer is just as important as having a typo-free cover letter. Being an IT professional doesn’t mean you’re exempt from working with a wide variety of people; communication skills are still important in the workplace.

During your career, you’ll be expected to talk to a variety of people in many departments, from salespersons to public relations officers, data crunchers to IT engineering peers. So leave out the “ums” and “likes,” talk at an understandable pace, and use strong, decisive words to get your point across.

During your IT interview, remember to speak to the level of your audience. Don’t pull out the technical jargon if you’re talking to someone from human resources; save your industry expertise for further along the hiring process. Simple stuff, but you’d be surprised how many people blow it here.

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