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10 Worst IT Job Hunting Mistakes

10 Worst IT Job Hunting Mistakes

What's your worst job hunting mistake?


October 14, 2009

1. Not Reading the Job Description

After applying for an endless number of open IT positions, the job descriptions tend to blur together. But that doesn’t mean you should stop reading them. A common mistake IT job seekers make in their job hunt is forgetting to read and follow the requirements stated in the job description. Whether applicants are overqualified, or under qualified, too often, recruiters find themselves faced with resumes and cover letters that are irrelevant to the posting.

In addition to meeting every requirement listed in the job description, it’s also important to follow the instructions on how to apply. Too often, job seekers send an email with an attached resume or cover letter, failing to take into consideration special application instructions, such as including a salary history, list of references, or some other requirement. Searching for an IT job is hard – but don’t let yourself miss out on an opportunity because you didn’t read the directions!

2. Duties VS. Accomplishments

One of the most common resume errors IT professionals make is giving a laundry list of job duties instead job accomplishments. Employers can usually identify what your duties were through the job title – they would rather know what you did that made a difference. Your resume should answer the question: How did you succeed at your last place of employment?

Say you were applying for a job as a computer programmer. Instead of saying, “Wrote software programs for Company X for seven years” on your resume, you could say, “Took initiative with software development projects at Company X by finding unique solutions to client problems in a timely manner.” Specifying accomplishments instead of duties makes your resume stand out in a crowd.

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