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10 Worst IT Job Hunting Mistakes

10 Worst IT Job Hunting Mistakes

What's your worst job hunting mistake?


October 14, 2009

Whether you’re a first-time job seeker or a veteran IT professional, finding a tech-savvy job is tough work. With so many things to keep in mind, it’s easy for you get off track in your job hunt. Today’s IT companies are looking for the best of the best, which means one typo on your resume or cover letter is guaranteed to derail your best efforts and land you in the “Do Not Call” pile.

Take caution and be thoughtful with every job you apply for. Even though IT employees are in high demand, the competition is tough, which means the simplest mistake in your job search can lead to disaster. Make sure you’re not making these 10 common job hunting mistakes and get the IT job of your dreams!

1. Not Reading the Job Description

2. Duties VS. Accomplishments

3. Not Customizing Your Cover Letter

4. Using an Unprofessional Email Address

5. Not Being Concise

6. Being Too Polished or Over-Prepared

7. Sloppy Speech

8. No Concrete Examples

9. Failing to Ask Questions in an Interview

10. References Don’t Check Out

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