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Job Snapshot: Project Manager

Allan Hoffman/Monster Tech Jobs Expert

September 19, 2007

Project Manager:

What they do: The project manager develops requirements, budgets and schedules for IT projects. Project managers may coordinate multiple projects, from development through implementation, working with both clients and project leaders. Project managers report on the project’s status to clients, manage project resources and timelines, and write proposals and other project documentation.

Skills: Project managers must know the technology, but they also need to be able to communicate with personnel unfamiliar with the demands of IT projects. Knowledge of a specific area of technology, such as e-commerce or database design, is considered crucial by many organizations, although some emphasize more generic project management skills. Database analysts, senior software engineers and others may take on project management tasks, providing them with the experience needed to become full-fledged project managers. Knowledge of planning tools, such as Microsoft Project or Visio, is often required.

Salary: $76,000

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