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5 Skills to Learn if You’re Looking for a Job

5 Skills to Learn if You’re Looking for a Job

Peter McDougall |

October 05, 2009

3. Search engine optimization

Web developers rely on “search engine optimization,” strategies designed to help sites rank higher in searches, to boost traffic to their pages. As more people find information through Google and Yahoo , search engine optimization, or SEO, has become an important marketing skill.

Many colleges and trade organizations offer SEO courses or workshops that cost less than $100 and take a few weeks to complete.

4. Public speaking

Consider polishing your presentation skills by joining your local chapter of Toastmasters International. The organization brings together groups of 20 people or fewer, who meet weekly to practice speeches and get feedback.

“It can help you in a future job but it will also improve your networking and help polish your pitch to prospective employers,” says John McKee, founder of the Colorado-based consulting firm

5. LEED certification

Want to get ahead in real estate or construction? Consider seeking certification in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design from the U.S. Green Building Council. Applicants must learn about sustainable building and energy and water management to become certified, which costs $200.

Home sellers hire LEED-certified real estate agents to help them value eco-friendly improvements they’ve made. LEED-certified builders are tapping into demand for green development.

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