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10 Recession-Proof IT Careers

10 Recession-Proof IT Careers

Eric Dahl / Inside Tech

March 19, 2009

#3 SAP Consultant

Big IT shops turn to exactly one application to plot out how to deploy the resources in their enterprise: SAP. And in a time of scarce resources, what’s more important than efficiently planning how to use the resources your organization has? According to the latest data from Foote Partners, not much. Pay differentials for IT workers skilled in SAP continue to climb even in this dark economic climate.

But even successful IT shops are cutting budgets, and that usually means fewer staff workers and more consultants. If you’ve got SAP experience and you’re willing to try consulting, you’ve hit a perfect storm for IT employment. And if you’re in an organization that uses SAP, now is the time to volunteer to pick up some new skills. Putting in the work now could help you keep your current job and set you up for your next one.

Salary: $94,000

Education: As with most mid-to-high-level IT jobs, a BS in an IT related field (Computer Science, Information Technology, Math, etc.) is strongly preferred.

Experience: Consulting firms typically look for candidates with at least 2-3 years of experience in SAP and several more years in IT.

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