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10 Recession-Proof IT Careers

10 Recession-Proof IT Careers

Eric Dahl / Inside Tech

March 19, 2009

#1 System Architect / IT Manager

While IT managers and system architects are often in demand, anyone with automation, process, or workflow skills – particularly ITIL or CoBIT – has become particularly sought after in today’s economic climate. Here are a couple money quote from the latest Foote Partners survey:

“Nothing has been hotter that architecture jobs and skills in the last few years,” notes David Foote, CEO and Chief Research Officer at Foote Partners. “System, network, application, data, information, security, solutions, and, of course, enterprise architects. They will still be hot commodities long after the economy improves. But staffing and talent development in this area does not come easy or cheap, and most employers are well behind the curve.”

Help get your company ahead of the curve and improve your employment prospects by volunteering to ramp up on ITIL, CoBIT, or whatever architectural frameworks your firm uses.

Salary: $79,000

Education: As with most mid-to-high-level IT jobs, a BS in an IT related field (Computer Science, Information Technology, Math, etc.) is strongly preferred. Master’s degrees, such as an MBA, MIS, or Master’s in CS can help set dedicated candidates apart.

Experience: System architect or IT management positions typically require several years of management experience on different-sized IT teams.

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