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10 Recession-Proof IT Careers

10 Recession-Proof IT Careers

Eric Dahl / Inside Tech

March 19, 2009

Companies are cutting back spending, shrinking staff sizes, and making tough layoffs at a rate that most of us have never seen before. But there’s still some job growth out there. Shrinking budgets have forced IT shops to invest in money-saving technologies like VoIP and unified communications, and those investments are creating job opportunities for IT workers who are serious about picking up a new skill set.

We scoured the latest job trend data from sources like Monster, Foote Partners, and SimplyHired to find 10 of the hottest careers in IT. And from entry-level positions in VoIP and Mac support, to top-level roles architecting systems, applications, and enterprises, there are recession-proof jobs at all levels. We’ll show you which jobs and skills can give you a leg up in this tight market, starting with number 10…

#10 Database Administrator

DBAs in general continue to have strong career prospects, as more and more of the information businesses use comes to reside in databases. SimplyHired’s latest employment trend graph shows demand for DBAs actually picking up over the last year. And the latest Foote Partners study cites database skills as one of three skill categories that continue to grow in value despite overall pay declines in IT.

“Database management,” “Oracle Developer Suite,” and “Microsoft SQL Server” all appear on Foote’s list of fastest rising IT skills for the past three months.

Salary: $79,000*

Education: As with most mid-to-high-level IT jobs, a BS in an IT related field (Computer Science, Information Technology, Math, etc.) is strongly preferred.

Experience: Most employers will want to see at least a couple years of experience with the database you’ll be using. Many DBAs gain that experience in sysadmin jobs, which often incorporate enough database work to begin building the skills required for a DBA position.

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* salary data culled from multiple sources.

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