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Build a Facebook App

Build a Facebook App

Allan Hoffman / Monster Tech Jobs Expert

December 09, 2008

Fame, fortune and endless job offers. Such is the life of the Facebook developer.

Well, not quite. If you’re a software developer seeking to break into the business through Facebook development – or an experienced codesmith out to make a bundle – you should probably view any forays into the Facebook realm as a learning experience, not a sure thing. “Even if your app doesn’t make money, it does give you experience that’s priceless,” says Matthew Kraft, cofounder of Lonely CEO Media, a Facebook application development company.

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The mad rush to develop Facebook applications is leading techies to wonder if a Facebook application is in their future. After all, the applications independent developers create with Facebook’s application programming interface (API) are part of the social networking site’s attraction. With established companies looking to gain a Facebook presence, experience in the platform is an asset.

So, should you dive into Facebook application development? Those who develop Facebook apps say the effort is worthwhile to:

• Develop and demonstrate programming skills.
• Add an accomplishment to your resume.
• Earn money, though you should regard Facebook’s money-making potential with some degree of caution.

Specifically, creating a Facebook app can help you learn and show your experience working with an API, scaling a Web site to significant traffic and crafting a user-friendly interface. You can also demonstrate how you marshal your technical skills to implement your idea.

In the Web 2.0 world, building a Facebook application is a way to exhibit social media-savvy. Because Facebook applications must be attuned to the Facebook community’s needs, experience in Facebook development can show an employer you understand the importance of tailoring an application to a particular group of users. “If you’ve created a successful Facebook application, you’ll have a demonstrable ability to understand users and different Web services,” Kraft says. “That’s invaluable to employers who are looking to connect with new customers by enhancing their brand and by reaching out through the new Web.”

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