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Choosing A Tech Specialty

Choosing A Tech Specialty

November 14, 2007

You’ve decided you want to work in the tech field. You have an inkling of what you like to do, whether it’s troubleshooting network glitches, manning the help desk, or designing the company’s latest intranet.

But you’re really not sure what the jobs involve, the skill sets necessary and what the workday is actually like.

To help you get that real life job insight here is a short list of IT jobs and the responsibilities tied to each:

Day In The Life: Sys Admin

Working As: Sys Admin, Tech Support

Career Spotlight: Computer Support Specialist

Working As A Computer Support Specialist

Career Spotlight: Project Manager

Career Spotlight: CIO

Career Spotlight: Web Developer

Job Snapshot: Tech Support

Job Snapshot: Help Desk

Job Snapshot: LAN Manager

Job Snapshot: Project Manager

Job Snapshot: CIO

Job Snapshot: Quality Assurance Engineer

Another great way to talk with IT professionals about their job is to use InsideTech’s various features. To get good insight on working as an IT contractor post a question to our resident consulting expert, Doug Berg, who runs

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Once you have narrowed down your job options, and made a list of job roles you’re interested in, you can check out current salaries by clicking here.

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