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10 Steps to Becoming a Tech Professional

10 Steps to Becoming a Tech Professional

October 16, 2007

Launching a new career, whether you’re just coming out of college or moving from another professional field, is daunting in itself. Combine that with moving into the technology industry, where everything seems to change every day, and the career aspiration can be viewed as both challenging and exciting. The key to career success is finding your niche and establishing career goals to strive for and accomplish.

Today’s tech experts, whether it’s the help desk support team or the gurus designing advanced wireless networks, are playing critical roles in business. They are helping to expand the business, drive company efficiency and boost and enhance every aspect of a company.

Along with the metamorphosis of the IT role in business, the continuing development and deployment of new technologies is creating new career roles as well. With the advent of the Web and e-commerce, the continual growth in communication capabilities and related networking requirements, there are more IT jobs, and IT roles, than ever before.

Yet successfully launching a tech career is tied to many elements, from getting the right education and skill sets, to finding the job that both challenges and satisfies your own occupational goals. There are tons of decisions to be made and each is ultimately tied to career success.

That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive step-by-step guide to help anyone looking to work in the tech field, whether they’re new college graduates or professionals leaving another occupation to become a techie.

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The 10 Steps To Becoming An IT Professional Guide details what you need to do before jumping into the employment ranks, from understanding the IT industry today to choosing a tech specialty and knowing what tech roles require in terms of skill sets.

You’ll find advice on the many tech roles, how to get that resume together, as well as how to manage and develop your career.

Step 1: IT Job Outlook

Step 2: What It Takes To Work In Tech

Step 3: Choosing A Tech Specialty

Step 4: Find The Right School & Courses

Step 5: Taking The Certification Path

Step 6: Gaining Work Experience

Step 7: Launching The IT Job Hunt

Step 8: Working As An IT Consultant

Step 9: That First Year On The Job

Step 10: Technology Career Trends

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