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Advance to CIO, CTO, or CSO

Advance to CIO, CTO, or CSO


May 27, 2008

CIO or CTO serves as a company’s technology guru, overseeing everything from the purchase of computer systems to overarching plans to use technology to gain a competitive edge. With technology often viewed as central to a company’s mission – and not simply as serving “back office” functions, like accounting – the role of the CIO is increasingly strategic; that is, geared toward finding ways to utilize technology in new and creative ways. CSO’s hold a more specific role, focusing on a company’s security policy and implementation.

Median Salary


Education Requirements

C-level IT workers need to know the technology, but also need to have the savvy – and confidence – to walk into the CEO’s office with ideas to help the company thrive and grow. CIOs, CTOs, and CSOs are often an experts in a particular industry, whether it’s toy retailing or database software. They must have demonstrated skills in management, team-building and budgeting. They often hold MBAs and have typically already held a top technology post, such as IS director.

Next Steps

  1. Get a Business Degree
  2. Brush Up Your IT Resume
  3. Look For an IT Job
  4. Prepare for Your Interviews
  5. Nail the Salary Negotiation

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