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Get a Computer Programming Job

Get a Computer Programming Job


May 27, 2008

Brush Up Your IT Resume

In any job hunt, your resume is the tip of the sword – the one essential marketing tool that any potential employer sees before anything else. Getting your resume right is a critical part of any job search, and it’s even more challenging in the IT industry.

For example, that often-overlooked “skills” section of your resume takes on greater significance where employers look for specific technical skills. If your list is more extensive than, uh, “nunchuku skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills,” you’ll want to put some work into how you call out those capabilities.

InsideTech and Monster both offer plenty of tips for whipping your IT resume into shape, but these key suggestions are particularly important for IT workers:

  1. Call out technical accomplishments
  2. When you’re outlining work at previous jobs, focus on providing a compact summary of the technical projects you completed.

  3. Don’t embellish your skills
    If you’ve only heard about a language or a development environment, don’t list it on your resume. Likewise, avoid listing outdated skills or anything with which you don’t have ample experience.

  4. Choose a format that fits your experience
    If you’re just starting out, play up technical skills and education. If you’ve been in the industry for a while, play up your experience and accomplishments before moving on to skills and education.

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