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Get a Web Development Job

Get a Web Development Job


May 27, 2008

Web developers are responsible for the behind-the-scenes code and programming of Web sites and Web-based services. While the edges are often blurred in Web positions, Web developers typically have a more technical orientation than Web designers, who focus on a site’s look and feel, and information architects, who focus on sites’ organization. Web developers’ projects vary widely, ranging from bare-bones active Web pages to complex, multilayered Web applications that might power an ecommerce site.

Median Salary


Education Requirements

developers typically have at least a bachelor’s degree, even if they have gained much of their know-how from on-the-job experience. Web developers need to have broad-based knowledge, encompassing areas such as usability and interface design; basic Web skills, such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript; Web 2.0 skills, including Ajax; server-side technologies, such as ASP, PHP and Ruby on Rails; databases such as MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle or IBM’s DB2.

Next Steps

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