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Get a QA Engineer Job

Get a QA Engineer Job


May 27, 2008

Get an IT Degree

College graduates earn almost double the salary of non-graduates, and in technology you’ll often need a degree to open up certain career paths. Even IT workers who already have college degrees can often benefit from going back to school: Experienced tech experts who’ve taken some business classes or who hold an MBA become highly sought-after as managers or tech executives.

Once you decide to get a degree, you’ll face a number of choices, including what type of degree to get, what major to focus on, and where to get your degree. InsideTech can help you make those choices. Head to our School Finder for help choosing an appropriate degree and connecting with a school near you and our Scholarship Finder can connect you with grants and other offers to help defray the cost of additional schooling.

How to Get Any IT Job

QA Engineer Job Profile

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As far as choosing a degree goes, be sure to match your degree program to the type of IT career you want to end up with. Bachelors degrees in Computer Science are popular among programmers and web developers. Many Software Engineers go on to Masters degrees in CS. Computer Engineering or ECE (Electrical and Computer Engineering) degrees are targeted more towards processor and hardware designers than IT professionals.

Many colleges also offer more specialized degrees in networking or Management of Information Services. Some even offer programs focusing on network and computer security. Consider all of your options before choosing a degree to pursue, and know that in an industry as fast-paced as technology, you’ll need to keep learning throughout your career.

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