6 Bad Habits to Blame on Technology

6 Bad Habits to Blame on Technology

Jeff Hindenach | Excelle

“I know all my friends and family can see my Facebook updates, but I NEED to tell everyone how drunk I am right now.”

Facebook and Twitter have expanded the definition of TMI. Over-sharing has become a way of life for most, with little concern about how it might affect them later in life. Everything is searchable online these days. Want to post a status about how you were drunk and danced on a table at happy hour? Think about how it might affect a job search down the road.

If you really must share every detail of your life with the world, at least set up a filter system within Facebook to limit what your family and coworkers can see. Set your privacy settings on all your social networking tools to the highest setting. You will save face with your family and possibly save your job.

“OMG, LOL!! That is crazeeeee! TTYL!”

What does that even mean? It seems that more and more these days, the English language is being passed over for phonetic spelling and a random string of letters. We’re all for being efficient and quick communicators, but does needing a decoder ring to decipher your message really save me any time?

If you are texting good friends who understand your random acronyms, then feel free to keep using them. But if you’re sending texts or emails to family, coworkers, or, heaven forbid, your boss, keep the random spelling, shorthand, and emoticons out of the message.

“Sorry I’m an hour late, but I texted you to tell you I was running behind.”

You need to meet your friend in 15 minutes, and you haven’t even jumped in the shower. Oops. No problem, you can just text them and tell them you’re running late, right? Wrong. What if they are already at the place, because they like to show up early? Or what if they are already in transit? They still have to wait for you.

All concerns with being punctual have disappeared since you can now send a quick text saying that you aren’t going to make it on time. But texts don’t cover forgive all lateness sins. If you do it once in a while, you may be forgiven, but if you are texting “late” messages constantly, your friends might start to regard you as a flake.

What are your biggest technology pet peeves? What common courtesy do you wish people still abided by? Sound off in the comments!

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