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Top 10 IT Consulting Pitfalls

Top 10 IT Consulting Pitfalls

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John Rossheim | Monster Senior Contributing Writer

6. Bad Work Habits Lower Your Productivity

Billing by the hour can be profitable, but not if you keep clocking out to watch TV or shop online for stuff you can’t afford because you’re not billing enough hours. Even if you think you’re spending time wisely, there’s probably room for improvement.

Our advice: Bone up on time management.

7. Your Work Becomes Your Life

Do you work every weekend? Is your spouse preparing to hit you with a conjugal negligence suit? If so, you need to put work in a larger perspective and get a life. If you don’t, your professional creativity and productivity will suffer.

Our advice: Plan to make a vacation happen.

8. You Fail to Ride the Technology Curve

Technology is key to your business productivity. Do you frequently rekey lots of data? Wait around while your PC completes tasks? Spend hours looking for basic information? If so, you’re losing your competitive edge.

Our advice: Mind your technology.

9. Your Professional Skills Stagnate

What’s new in your field this year? What have you learned this month? If you don’t have good answers, your stock value will drop like a dotcom’s in spring 2000.

Our advice: Stay sharp.

10. Your Grapevine Withers

What’s the contractor’s most valuable business property? The Rolodex. If you don’t keep up with customers, colleagues, rivals, mentors and other players, you’re toast.

This article originally appeared on Monster Career Advice.

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