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Ten IT Talking Points Your CFO Will Love

Irwin Teodoro/CTO Edge

9. Proactive Cost Reduction

DuPont is like a lot of big companies that learn the hard way. Organizations that retain documents beyond required retention periods will face higher costs and greater risks should that information be subject to discovery. So DuPont did a three-year internal study of document discovery requests. They learned that in three years, 75 million pages of text were reviewed. They also learned that 50 percent of the documents that were reviewed were kept beyond their required retention period.

DuPont estimated the cost of reviewing documents past their retention periods was $12 million. For this particular example, “e-mail archiving” is a good way to demonstrate to CFOs that IT can be proactive in cutting costs. Always be on the lookout for these kinds of projects.

Photo: Andres Rueda/Flickr (CC)

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