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Ten IT Talking Points Your CFO Will Love

Irwin Teodoro/CTO Edge

7. Adopt IT-Centric Business Continuity

Three major concepts (risk management, disaster recovery and business continuity) have become blurred over the years because the responsibility of planning has been foisted upon IT leadership without the explicit participation of business leadership (the CFO?).

This needs to change. And the change can come about by the adoption of new planning for business continuity that is IT-centric. By adding a couple of critical steps in the planning process line, the overwhelming burden of IT leadership to determine which business units are most important, what priorities should exist after a disaster, and how to ensure business continuity is removed. Decisions no longer will be made in a vacuum and will result in the optimal dynamics within the cost, time and risk relationship for a particular enterprise.

Photo: adpowers/Flickr (CC)

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