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10 Things You Should Stop Complaining About at Work

Adam Starr


Protesting your commute is pointless, you knew where your office was located when you accepted the job. Donald Trump happens to own the building in which he both lives and works. Mr. Trump “commutes” to his office in a private elevator. You however are not Donald Trump, and, while your commute is worse as a consequence, the upside is that you are not Donald Trump. Neither your home nor your office is going to get any more proximate by your constant moaning.

Instead, take steps to improve the commute. If you have to drive, utilize your time by listening to podcasts and books on tape. Ask your coworkers if they’d like to organize a carpool together. By carpooling you will be able to share the burden of driving. Carpooling may also allow you to take advantage of carpool lanes, which will lessen the amount of time you spend in transit. If you can take the bus or train you can use this time to study, work on email, or read for pleasure before your workday gets started. If things get really desperate you could always look into relocating your house or apartment closer to your place of business.

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