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Facebook, Blogs, and Your Career

Facebook, Blogs, and Your Career

Allan Hoffman, Monster Tech Jobs Expert

M: Your book views blogs as powerful tools. Should everyone be blogging?

SA: A blog may become as important, if not more important, than your resume. The resume may get you onto the long list, but the blog is definitely a tool to get onto the short list. If you’re trying to position yourself as an expert, then you should be blogging about your topic and building relationships with other people in your industry who are thinking about and talking about the same topic. And when I say you want to position yourself as an expert, I’m not talking about being a professional info-guru. If your business value is centered around your expertise on a particular topic, then you should be writing about it.

M: Your book discusses the idea of being able to “connect ‘up’ virtually.” Could you explain that?

DT: In general, you want to build relationships with people who are a notch above you. Blogs are a great way to get access to people. Let’s say you want to get to Dan Burstein, who’s a venture capitalist in New York. You go to your blog and write something about his new book, Blog! [Allen and Teten are contributors.] I guarantee you Dan Burstein has a PubSub or some other subscription set up, and so he knows what people say about him. If you write a review of his book or comment on a recent venture capital investment he made, he will instantly see that, and he is likely to respond to you.

M: What about those who lament the loss of face-to-face contact?

SA: We have glorified face-to-face communication so much, and the fact of the matter is that it’s just that we’re more familiar and comfortable with it. It’s not inherently superior to virtual communication. The biggest mistake people make is trying to communicate virtually like we do face-to-face, rather than learning to take advantage of the differences.

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