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Master of Information Science

Master of Information Science

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Master of Information Science, or MIS, degrees are a popular advanced degree among IT professionals. The MIS program blends tech-related subjects – programming, computer science, information architecture – with a broader business background.

MIS students learn accounting, business writing, business processes, and communication, alongside technical skills.

While a Computer Science degree will teach you how to write a software application, an MIS program will teach you about all aspects of its development. Students learn the communication skills needed to gather and translate application requirements, the management skills to shepherd a team of coders through the project, the accounting skills to bring it in under budget, and enough technical skills to understand which problems will be difficult to solve.

Advancement Path

Since MIS programs are shorter on purely technical coursework, they are a good fit for experienced IT workers who want to move to a management role, but aren’t interested in an MBA.

MIS graduates should be well prepared to move into management roles in IT, whether it be in project or network management, running an IT department, or eventually moving to the highest “C-level” positions.

Career Options

Network Manager
IT Manager

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