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Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

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Computer Engineering programs offer a curriculum designed to straddle the disciplines of computer science and electrical engineering. Computer engineers learn about electronics, circuit design, system design and integration, software design, and network architectures.

Coursework for a CE degree includes extensive background in math and science. Many of the engineering courses required come with significant lab components, making computer engineering a poor fit for online schools.

Students are encouraged to choose a concentration that will help them specialize in one area of computer engineering, such as computer architecture, digital signal processing, or networking.

Advancement Path

Computer Engineers typically work on teams that design new chips, integrated circuits, DSPs, or other computer hardware. Given that, a computer engineering degree is probably overkill for most traditional IT jobs.

Their in-depth knowledge of computer and networking hardware makes them well-prepared for the more technical careers in IT, including network and system administration, as well as the upper ranks of the support and QA Engineering.

Career Options

QA Engineer
Network Manager
IT Manager

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