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Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

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The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology is one of the most targeted four-year degrees available to IT professionals. Students learn the skills necessary to setup and maintain information technology systems, including computers, networks, and business-support software.

Such a degree provides a good overview of the processes, skills, and technology graduates will use in any technology career. Students learn the basics of programming, information architectures, project management, networking, and databases.

BSIT degrees are available with a number of different specializations, which can help customize your degree for different sectors of IT. Possible areas of concentration include: computer science, information systems, information technology, network technology, software engineering, and web development.

Advancement Path

Though a BSIT provides a strong foundation for almost any tech career, the broad-based nature of the degree lends itself better to careers in core IT functions such as network or IT management and systems administration. Students wishing to pursue careers in sowtware or web development would be better served by a computer science degree.

Career Options

Database Administrator
Network Manager
IT Manager

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