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BS in Computer Science

BS in Computer Science

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While there are plenty of successful self-taught developers, engineers, and programmers, a degree is the easiest way to demonstrate to an employer that you’ve mastered the skills you need to succeed at the job you’re pursuing.

Writing code takes a certain problem-solving mindset, whether you’re writing scripts, software, or web applications. If you’re starting a career as a programmer or software developer, a Computer Science or CS degree is a great way to develop the mindset of a coder and learn a first programming language or two.

Once you’re comfortable working with that mindset, learning new languages and development environments is usually pretty easy. The best coders are good at their jobs not because they’ve memorized the ins and outs of a certain language (though that helps), but because they know how to attack problems in creative ways.

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Advancement Path

As programmers move up the ranks from junior-level engineering and development positions towards management roles and software architect jobs, a degree – in computer science or even business – becomes an increasingly important qualification.

Many software engineers and architects hold masters degrees in computer science, while higher level managers are often encouraged to get MBAs or equivalent business degrees as more and more of their job involves interfacing with other non-technical departments.

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