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8 Tips for Older IT Workers

8 Tips for Older IT Workers

Several courses of action can help to break down the age barrier between you and potential co-workers

Allan Hoffman | Monster Tech Jobs Expert

Work on Open-Source Projects

Contributing to an open-source project signals to employers that you’re willing to explore something that’s new to many of your peers.

Never Stop Learning

Spend time and money updating your skills. “You have to invest in your training,” says Gerberg. Consider online or classroom courses. Note recent classes on your resume and mention books during interviews.

Teach a Course

Experience and expertise are related. How do you highlight expertise? Teach a course at a local college — adjunct professors are often in demand — to showcase your communication skills and help your resume stand out.

Be a Leader

Companies expect older workers to have leadership experience, even if they are not seeking management jobs. Leadership can mean anything from a stint as a project manager to volunteering in your community. Getting involved in a local IT organization can help show you’re serious about your career.

Show Passion

Hiring managers like to see enthusiasm and passion from job seekers. Burnout is a turnoff. “If you’re 45 or 50 and still playing games, that would be a huge check mark in your favor,” says Della Rocca. “It’s like a universal language if you can talk about the game you’re playing. That would break down a certain amount of the age barrier.”

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