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8 Tips for Older IT Workers

8 Tips for Older IT Workers

Several courses of action can help to break down the age barrier between you and potential co-workers

Allan Hoffman | Monster Tech Jobs Expert

There are good and bad ways to be on the cutting edge at work. Getting your tongue pierced or dressing like the latest pop idol are bad ways. Good ways, as some older techies know, include learning the latest programming techniques or staying current through listservs and blogs.

Age discrimination and bias, burnout and the pressure to keep skills current are all issues older technology workers face. Some workers contend companies prefer young, comparatively cheap talent to those with more experience.

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Is Company Culture Excluding You?

Even if company executives and hiring managers don’t admit it — and they don’t — they may favor younger candidates, simply because these workers seem more in tune with company culture.

For example, the computer and video game industry, “in terms of work practices and quality of life, does lend itself to the young Turk with all kinds of energy, jacked up on caffeine and willing to become, basically, an indentured slave,” says Jason Della Rocca, executive director for the International Game Developers Association. “It is very exciting, challenging and mentally stimulating, but it does attract those willing to sacrifice everything.”

Learn to Brag

“When you go to a conference, do you arrange to talk about it to people in your company?” asks Judith Gerberg, past president of the Career Counselors Consortium. Learn to bolster “extroverted communication skills,” says Gerberg. Tell others about your activities and accomplishments. Share your conference or professional group experiences at meetings.

Build a Blog

Online journals or weblogs are not for everyone, but if you have something to say, especially within the IT realm, keeping a blog can convey the image of a nimble-minded, forward-thinking techie, no matter what your age. Check out sites like Slashdot and for links to techie blogs.

Stay Current

“The need to maintain a certain level of hipness, or currentness, in the game industry is particularly acute,” says Della Rocca. “It requires you to be in the know.”

The same is true for other IT specialties, from e-commerce to .NET. If you’re not working with the latest technologies at your job, catch up. Learning a hot methodology such as Web 2.0 conveys an up-to-date professional image to your boss or potential employers.

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