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  • Marketing: Tapping Latin Americans Who Click


    Executives in technology and digital marketing firms gathered Tuesday in Coral Gables to discuss the future of online advertising, in hopes of sparking inspiration on how to better target the fast-growing population of wired Latin Americans. Altho...

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  • Lockheed Blocks Access to Internet Bandwidth Hogs


    A memo to workers at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics in Fort Worth lays bare the frustrations of many employers as costly Internet bandwidth is devoured by workers downloading videos or streaming music and live radio. Computer operations at some compa...

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  • Report: Apple to make iPhones for CDMA Networks


    SEATTLE - A new report says Apple Inc. is getting ready to manufacture a new iPhone that works on cellular networks based on CDMA technology, a move that would allow the phones to be used by more carriers, including Verizon Wireless. It has long b...

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